Travel Management

Stop worrying about your travel! We take care of everything.

Trip planning and booking

Trip planning and booking, according to every special need or request you might have.


Negociation with partners in order to provide savings resulting from bonuses and rebates tailored to your actual needs.


Presentations of offers and alternatives suitable to your requirements.

Leverage among

Leverage among a carefully selected range of suppliers of various services, from airlines to hotels or car transportation.

Travel consultancy

Travel consultancy, in case you need suggestions about special corporate events, parties, top management meetings or other special circumstances.

Passport and visas

Operatively solving passport and visas issues if necessary, issue of travel documents and offline delivery to your headquarters.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance according to your actual needs.

You can delegate any level of control to our specialists.
You will not only feel satisfied by what we achieve, but also be able to enjoy and evaluate your event as a normal participant!