Millennium Tour is more than a travel agency.


For us, travel is a state of mind, a holiday is the art of “rel√Ęche” so, we do our best to make your experience unforgettable. And since you have your own personality, we’ll try to make your holiday/trip one of its kind! If none of our packages suit you well, than we’ll “tailor” one for you.

The business travel industry began to grow rapidly in the last decade as most major international companies settled in Romania. They used to deal their traveling needs internally, but now they have an option: to externalize these needs in order to be more cost effective and to satisfy their personnel’s growing demands in choice of services.

//millenniumtour.ro/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/shutterstock_371229349_2.jpgFrom the very beginning, in 1999, Millennium Tour offered travel services to both Romanian and foreign companies according to their individual needs. All of this was accomplished with flexibility and responsiveness in mind.

Times have changed. We’ve changed to. We kept on growing, we adapted and evolved. Our purpose was constant quality of our services whether it is about a mere ticket issue or a complex event set-up and management.

At the beginning of year 2004 Millennium Tour started the procedure of implementing a quality management system. The result: ISO 9001 certification from TUV Reihnland Romania. This system helped us to improve the internal structure and the quality of our services.

In 2005 we have launched Paravion, the first online travel agency in Romania. After 5 years, in 2010, we had our exit, and Paravion joined Happy Tour being part of a build-up project in the tourism sector initiated by GED, an international Private Equity group dedicated to growth investments in the middle market in Spain, Portugal and South-Eastern Europe.

Another soul project is Concediu.com which was born from our desire to offer another quality alternative to all those who want to travel safely.

Our site gathers tens of thousands of hotels, hundreds of stays, but also useful information from the most important destinations and this is because we are aware of the fact that an informed tourist is the client that suits us best.We try not to promise you everything, but we assure you of all our support before, during and after your trip. We know how important #travel #holiday is for each of us, and that forces us to pay due attention to it.